Thursday, July 06, 2006


It's Thursday. I have a 3 day weekend, and I am doing a happy dance!! Let's see, what have I been up to? I have to go to the library to return a book and pick up a book on CD called "Pirate" by Ted Bell. I hear it is good, so I will listen while I work on my project.. only 280 blocks to go. Which I can't believe I'm down that far. Being only 1/2" blocks.. it seems so small to already have 120 blocks finished. I am working on the orange to red section, next is the red to purple. I bet you're curious.. And to finish up my Pirate weekend, I will go see Pirates of the Caribbean-Dead Man's Chest

Just spyed a tattoo on my daughter while she was on her way out. I'm pretty disgusted, and in a way saddened. Now both of my daughters have done this to their beautiful bodies. You know, I am from a Navy family. A lot of the men had tattoos. I still hate tattoos. I remember when I was growing up how sorry my dad was that he ever got them. Back then they couldn't be removed. I know a lot of people are getting them now. And I had hoped that my daughters wouldn't be so influenced by today's, not always positive, cultural influences. They aren't like me in that respect. I never marched to the same drummer everyone else did. My friends would be "just doing it" and I wouldn't. And I am glad that I have a mind of my own. I also know that tastes change when you mature, and I can't imagine having something I liked when I was twenty permanently etched on my body. Oh well, both of my daughters will be 21 next month.. way out from under my thumb, even though I still keep a roof over their head and feed them. I guess I was deluded to think that they might actually respect my wishes and not do this.. at least while I was still supporting them.

I didn't post on Independence Day, but wanted you to see that I slaved over our fire ring and made ribs for the family. I used a CocaCola glaze. They were pretty good. Cooked over Cherrywood (the wood not the fabric) scraps. Luckily, it has been cool here, so the hot fire wasn't so terrible to have to work over.
A couple of days ago, I got out this 3 yard piece of Silk Jacquard and got around to dyeing it. I was going to dye it Blue/purple. But, when mixing the purple dye, I ran out of blue. So it is more red/blue. I could overdye it, but it isn't a big deal, I think it turned out well anyway.

That's about it. Nothing much going on here. I hope that you all have a good weekend!