Thursday, August 24, 2006


You'd think when you are sending a kid to college and he's majoring in computer stuff.. he would be able to fix your computer. I was having trouble with my computer. It was slow, wouldn't shut down all kinds of things. So I bought a new motherboard, re-formatted and it worked great for a while then it would get agonizingly slow. I noticed that a CD I put in, came out very warm. I asked my son about it and he looked at it and said you need a fan blowing in it to cool everything off.. I asked him, "Where is the case fan?" He said, "Maybe there wasn't one in the computer" .. yeah right.. maybe said son forgot to put it back IN when he changed the motherboard.. Just sitting a fan next to it and letting it blow into the open side made my computer speed up. It was wonderful. It seems to be okay. I would have really been ticked if I had to buy a new computer after spending several hundred to upgrade it. I went to Best Buy and bought a little case fan and installed it. Everything is running well. AND I didn't have to even pay for it, because I still have money left on my gift card which I got as part of the deal when I bought my digital camera. It doesn't get any better than that!

I got Gabrielle's new DVD CREATIVITY ON DEMAND
It just came today and I haven't got a chance to look at it. It has two DVD's and I am sure that if it is anything like her other DVD's it is full of great ideas. I am working extra this week, so I will get to look at them over the weekend.
I just dusted off Ricky Tim's GRAND FINALE DVD and found a great idea for binding. He has a lot of information in his DVD's. I like to get lots of ideas, and adapt them to suit me. I truthfully like DVDs over taking a workshop. Then I can go back and watch what I need whenever I want.
Well, gotta go.. Bill and I are going out to get gas. Have a good Friday!