Tuesday, August 29, 2006


It has been raining for two days. I guess that we needed it, but it is rather gloomy. I am working on quilting my latest project. I have already taken the quilting out once.. and I may do it again. I like making miniatures, but quilting is the hardest part. I don't like doing it. Because I am never happy with it. I have noticed that some of the people that do intricate piecing on their minatures, run a few lines of nylon thread down the quilt. Others that do applique, leave open spaces for hand quilting. I think it is time for me to take a break and make a normal size quilt. Also,when you make tiny quilts everything has to be perfect. You see every imperfection because your eyes are focused in such a small area. Trust me.. only God is perfect. I'm certainly not. There was one block (one half inch) that was a tiny bit off, I took the seam out a couple of times, but I couldn't get it to go together right. Of course, I see it every time I look at it. Do I need this? Will a judge look at all the work I put in into piecing and color and ignore that one seam? Probably not. Would it be better to make a quilt that isn't so technically difficult and do it perfectly, or make a technically difficult quilt because of the challenge? Of course, if I had any self control, I would ignore the inspiration for these quilts when it comes to me.

Anyway, I've been working, and working on this quilt. That's about the sum of my life at this point. I hope that things are more exciting for you!

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diva of quilts said...

I am always glad when other quilters like you take the time and care to make such wonderful little works of art and love to look at miniature quilts. I have learned though, that I must NEVER make them myself because I drive myself crazy over those little imperfect seams (which I probably would never notice in other people's quilts, but then again I'm not a judge). If the truth were known, I will probably never make a normal-sized pieced quilt either because it's not good for my mental health.