Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It is REALLY hard to get 484 blocks in a 12 1/2" space, and have every single seam come out perfect. First off, when I was piecing these 1/2" blocks, I didn't consider that the point where 5 fabrics would come together (20 if you count that they all came together in one point) would pretty much be a nightmare. I will never tackle an intricate design like this again.. on a small scale. I finally opted to quilt down every other seam line (1" intervals) with clear poly thread. Very boring.. but I picked out the quilting 3 times, and I figured I would just give in and do it this way, and hope that the color placement and design alone would be enough to catch someone's attention. I am getting ready to do the binding. I am going to do piping and then a normal binding. I am letting it hang in my studio right now, because my brain needs a rest from this project.

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