Thursday, October 19, 2006


I guess I'm addicted. I can't go one day without checking in on a computer. I only wish I had a laptop.. choices...choices... laptop or longarm?
Bill and I are headed to Falling Waters, a house that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. We will go there in the morning, and then on to West Virginia to visit my uncle, cousins and aunts. I haven't seen them in several years, even though the drive is only 5 hours.
I hate to travel. I dreaded getting ready to go. Once I am on the road I'm okay, but it is the getting ready to go that I hate. Would you believe that this is the first time in maybe 15 years that Bill and I have gone anywhere without the kids. I'm hoping the next trip won't be so long. We at at a historic stone house this evening. I couldn't eat everything, because they served so much.
Would you believe it? I forgot to bring anything to work on... no hand sewing, no knitting. At least I have a book, and the motel has a computer that can be used by guests. So I abandoned Bill to come use it.
The fall colors are beautiful. And the mountains are high where we are. My ears were stopped up from the altitude. I live in a flat part of Ohio, so this is pretty high for me. It rained all of the way down, and followed us here. It is cold gloomy and rainy outside. Kind of disappointing. If we would have come last weekend, it would have been beautiful.
I don't know if the place we will stay tomorrow will have a computer available, but I will post pictures on Saturday. I plan to have my aunt drag out some of the family quilts so that I can photograph them. Later gators!!

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Rian said...

If you plug your nose and blow real hard (mouth closed) it will clear out your ears.