Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I never realized all of the paperwork involved in donating a quilt to a museum. My miniature quilt "There and Back Again" was requested by the Museum of the American Quilter's Society to be a part of their "Oh Wow" miniature quilt collection. They sent a bunch of things to sign. Like a Deed of Gift, and a sheet to give permission to use the image for whatever they want. I loved the line in the letter, "It is with great pleasure that we accept your gift for our collection of works by today's quilt makers. We look forward to treasuring it and sharing it with our visitors from around the world for generations to come. "

All I can say to that is "Oh Wow". One of my favorite quilter's quotes, paraphrased, is "It is not a woman's wish to be forgotten, and thus she signs her name in cloth". Thank God, I will be remembered for my quilts and not for the dishes in my sink!

Last Thursday, I spent the day with a couple of appraisers from my area, watching while they appraised quilts. As I looked at the antique quilts, I did think about the unknown quiltmaker, wondering if she ever dreamed that her creation would be cherished by someone, maybe not even a family member, long after she had left this world. I have thought about Jane Stickle, wondering what she would think if she could see her quilt now, and see the thousands of women who have reproduced what was originally her creative outlet, maybe her only solice in a time of war. It just amazes me.

I just started entering quilts in competitions last year, and this happened to me before the year was up. It is one of my proudest accomplishments. I know there are many quilters out there that have won many awards, and have quilts in museums. I am proud to share a little 14x14 inch space with them.


JudyL said...

Teri: That's a beautiful quilt and you should feel very honored to think that quilters for many, many generations to come will be able to view your work since it will be a part of the AQS Museum.

Congratulations on having a quilt in the collection of AQS.

Judy L.

Rian said...

I love that quilt and I am so proud of you. Congratulations. The quilt may be tiny but the honor is huge. "Oh wow."

Teresa Suek said...

You should be proud of your accomplishments and that quilt. Your work is stunning and I am so pleased that they are going to honor you by having your quilt in their collection.

DubiQuilts said...

Congratulations! You may not of started quilting to have your quilts in a museum, but your work in wonderful and should be preserved for generations.

Deborah said...

I remember when you first posted this quilt. I was stunned then and I am thrilled now! Well deserved.