Sunday, October 22, 2006


This is a desk in Mrs. Kauffman's bedroom. I liked the way all of the heating vents were hidden in the furniture. And I especially liked the way the windows were beveled where they met so you would have an unobstructed view to the outside
The shelves and desk were built INTO the walls. See how the desk was cut to allow the window to swing open?
This Was Mrs. Kauffman's bathroom. I liked the vanity with the plants in the window, and the Picasso print on the wall
I think this is Mr. Kauffman's bedroom. Can you imagine having a fire going in this fireplace? The rooms were very small and it was like it was taking up most of the room.
This is Mrs. Kauffman's room again. She had a terrace, and a wall full of windows which made her room look bigger.

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