Sunday, October 22, 2006


This was one of my favorite things about Falling Water. I loved this statue seen in the area between the main house and the guest house. The canopy to the left covers the steps that lead up the hill to the guest house
My pictures are out of order. Sorry, that's the way blogger is. This is a cabin in the Prickett fort that we visited on the way home.
Living in a flat part of the country, I had never seen a "Runaway Truck" ramp. This ramp goes practically straight up to nowhere. All I could think is that I wouldn't want to be in front of that truck going down the mountain
This is the kitchen area of a house finished in 1861. The woman had 12 children living in a house with 2 rooms down, and 2 rooms up. She cooked over this hearth for all of them. She had a bed in the kitchen because it took her so much time during the day to cook, she had an area to rest, or to put a sick child that needed tending.
This is Prickett's fort. It is a reproduction of the original that stood on the site

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