Sunday, October 01, 2006


Ten years ago I bought this little hardbound book that is mostly blank but has some printed areas throughout the pages that have quotes from quilters from all over the world. In it I have written my own thoughts about quilting, I have collected quotes from other quilters that inspire me. So, if someone says something in their blog about quilting that I feel is profound, I put it in my book. I have pictures of my quilting friends, even my internet friends, several of whom I have never met. I write tips and techniques that I have learned in the book.
Anyway, I thought about this and I am going to add the quotes that I have collected to the quilt with the pictures. I am going to print them out onto fabric, and if I tea dye them, they should fit perfectly with everything else.
I will leave you with a few quotes that I found somewhere along the way.
" Our heavenly Father uses our scraps of talents and abilities. By piecing them together to serve a purpose. We are tied together by faith in God who is our comforter."
Or how about this one?
"She never knew how her great idea came to her. Sometimes she thought she must have dreamed it...her nimble old fingers reached out longingly to turn her dream into reality... she put the thimble on her knotted, hard finger with the solemnity of a priestess performing a rite." - Dorothy Canfield Fisher The Bedquilt.
My favorite:
" It was not a woman's desire... to be forgotten. and in one simple, unpretentious way, she created a medium that would outlive even many of her husband's houses, barns and fences: she signed her name in friendship onto cloth and, in her own way, cried out, Remember Me."Linda Otto Lipsett - Remember Me


Shelina said...

It sounds like a great idea to put quotations like that on with your photos that you showed us last time. You have a terrific plan!

Rian said...

Teri, what a cool little book. I love that they thought to put grid on the backside of the pages. Your idea to add the quotes is excellent. I can't wait to see this idea come into fabric.

Maureen said...