Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I was listening to an Alex Anderson podcast today. She was interviewing Marilyn Badger about her garment making and long arm quilting. Marilyn mentioned when she doesn't do free motion, and she needs a specific quilting design, she traces the design onto freezer paper, uses a big needle and sews the lines (without thread)

Then she rubs "Miracle Chalk" over the holes. This is a chalk that is removed with steam.. works great.

Then Viola! the pattern is transferred onto the fabric, and will not come off until you steam it off. I have probably heard this idea somewhere, but I have always promptly forgotten it. this time, I did it right away and recorded it in photos so that I wouldn't forget next time I need to mark a quilting line.

Here are my portable Ipod speakers. they fold completely flat and go into a little bag for travel. Sometimes, you just don't want to wear earphones. I have them in at work all day so that I can listen to the radio. That's my limit!


Rian said...

Cool pod speakers! I just hook my iPod to my pants pocket and go about my business with earbuds. I have to run the cord up inside my shirt though, or I'll catch it on a drawer knob and that really rattles my cage! Do you have a road trip thing yet? Very cool, you can take iTunes in the car and it feeds through the radio. But you need to train your passenger to work it, otherwise you could wreck the car while trying to find an album! Ask me how I know. I need to do some more playlists so I don't have this problem.

Hedgehog said...

I need some speakers for my iPod! Thanks for sharing yours. Thanks for sharing the marking techniques!