Thursday, January 04, 2007



The A-B-Cs of My Quilting Style
Debra tagged all of us!

A- Artist? There are a few quilt artists whose work I admire. Caryl Bryer Fallert, and Diane Gaudynski top my list. And the up and coming Gail Stepanek of course!
B- Best Blogging Buddies? I will admit that I read a lot of blogs. And I have many internet buddies.. some arent bloggers.
C- Crazy or Sane Quilting? If talking about the actual quilting, I have done both. I like quilting with lots of wild threads and patterns, and I like quilting like Diane Gaudynski does reserved and plentiful. I guess it all depends on the quilt.
D- Dyeing or Stamping? Dyeing
E- Essential Item? there are a lot of things I wouldn't want to live without. Rotary cutter is one.. and sewing machine is the other. Wouldn't want to make and cut from templates, and I wouldn't want to piece by hand.
F- Favorite Fabrics? I like batiks and hand dyes. I am leaning more towards hand dye solids these days. Commercial brand favorite is Moda
G- Great Quilt Design? My favorite block pattern is New York Beauty I like a traditional or contemporary setting. I'm partial to Mariner's compasses too.
H- Hand or Machine Quilt? I mostly machine quilt now
I- Indispensable Notion? considering I am a notions junkie, that is a hard question. I need my big handled clover seam ripper
J- Janome or Bernina? Neither. I'm a Pfaff girl
K- Kits or Original Designs? I used to buy kits, but since I have started doing competition quilts, I like doing my own thing. I still prefer to do my interpretation of classic patterns.
L- Life in the Studio is? Better than comfort food
M- Most Projects Made in One Year? I will never compare to what my friends put out. I am trying to get a miniature and a large competition quilt out a year. I do some challenge quilts with my guild in between.
N- Number of Gadgets? I'm a notions junkie. I like scissors, rulers, any neat little thing that will be fun to work with
O- OH, I wish I hadn’t. . . . .? Bought all of this novelty fabric!!
P- Pet Peeves about Quilting? I don't have any peeves. Really.
Q- Quilt Show? AQS Paducah is my all time favorite. I love the town and I have gone down every year for 5 years.
R- Reason to Rip Out? I do a lot of ripping on my miniatures. I am a perfectionist, and seams have to line up!
S- Sewing or Knitting? Depends. I would take knitting over garment sewing, But making quilts over knitting
T- Tag, You're It! consider yourself tagged
U- UFOs? I only have about 4 UFO's. That is because I got rid of the others!
V- Vexing Quilt Pattern? I like challenging patterns. I would never do stack and whack, grandmother's flower garden, yo-yo's, and probably not a crazy quilt
W- Wishlist Item? Some days I think I would like a long arm, some days I don't. Who knows how it will ultimately turn out?
X- Xtra Fabric you will never use? Novelty prints.
Y- Your Biggest Goof? Not prewashing the blue hand dye I put in a miniature that took me months to piece and then watching the fabric bleed onto the rest of the quilt.
Z- Zip! I don't have a clue what this means..


Jeri said...

its scary how many of these we gave the same answers to!!! :) thinking of you often...

Jeri at

Shelina said...

I did the meme too. Do you make New York Beauties and Mariner's compasses? I'd love to be able to make them, but my skill level just isn't up to it.