Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I almost forgot it is Wednesday! Being off work on Monday threw me off. So.. WIP Wednesday

I have my first sock finished. And I am working on my second sock.
I went back to the doctor today because I am just not any better. This time I came away with antibiotics, and an additional asthma medication. I think it has gotten down to most of my coughing being caused by asthma. I have had asthma since childhood. Sounds stupid.. but I don't put two and two together when I am coughing my head off.. especially if I am sick with something else to. It's different if I come in contact with smoke, perfume, stuff like that. I will suddenly be coughing, and I automatically know to use an inhaler. I have been a little more dense with this illness.
I washed a pile of fabric, and I am putting it away. I am going to start on one of my next larger quilt THIS WEEKEND no matter what. I have fumbled around and procrasitinated long enough. I think what I should do is set a certain time every day just to work on quilting. If I set aside time everyday, maybe I will get something finished. I don't know how some of you do it. You just turn out quilt after quilt. I just can't get it together.

I actually ordered something from QVC. I never look at those channels. But one day I'm flipping through the channels and they are selling Birkenstocks. I have one pair of Birkie sandals that I wear around the house with socks.. I know.. lovely. I actually bought 3 pairs. They have quite a selection on their site. There is only one place around here that sells Birkenstocks and they are expensive. I got my new shoes at a reasonable price. And they are comfy. At least they will be once I break them in..

That's about it. I will hopefully be on a roll concerning an actual quilt by this weekend.

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Debra Spincic said...

My mom is a huge sock knitter and I got a new pair for my birthday. Lovely soft colors. She is also a fan of wearing her own knitted socks with birkenstocks--to show them off. OK! not my style. . . but she likes it.

Yours looks very cool!