Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I always have multiple works in progress. But today I think I will show you a couple of things that I got that are very helpful .

First, while waiting for my local shop to get in 7" bamboo dpn's so I can finish a sock, I started another sock with different yarn and different needles. I only have one small project tote which is actually a mesh bag I got from Barnes and Noble. I think it is meant to tote a paperback book. I wanted something else, something smaller. This is what I found. It is actually a pop up trash bin for your car. When not in use, it collapses into a little flat circle that is secured by the loop that wraps around it when not in use, and serves as a carry strap when you are using it. It is the perfect size for sock yarn and everything you would need for one pair of socks. It is about 8" tall, and 5" across. I got mine in the automotive dept. of Walmart, and it cost $3.89.

The next thing I got was courtesy of another blog. I can't remember which one.. sorry. She was making postcards and was using a 4x6 postcard ruler, which, luckily had all of the information on it that I needed to order it. Instead of getting one and having to pay postage, I ordered ten, and will sell them to the ladies in my guild if they want them.
My husband met a local media personality named Bob Becker. He used to have a radio program that I listened to. I kind of lost track of what he is doing now. Anyway, my husband must have been talking about my quilting to him, and Mr. Becker mentioned that he and his wife had produced a TV show about quilting several years ago, and he would send me a DVD. I will admit.. I thought it would be silly and not useful to me even though the thought was nice. Boy, was I WRONG. It is called "Unraveling the Stories- Quilts as a Reflection of our Lives". It dealt primarily with Ohio Quilt History, and had interviews with many people that I know. Ricky Clark, and Virginia Gunn, quilt historians, Susan Shie, Nancy Crow, many other quiltmakers I guess I should know.. but I can't place. It was a video that showed different aspects of quiltmaking and what it means to make a quilt. One woman while holding a quilt that her grandmother made, expressed what it meant to her to hold a quilt that her grandmother's hands had touched. I just think that is cool.. Thanks Mr. Becker!


Rian said...

I'm trying to think of ways we could spread the Beckers' video so more people could see it. Maybe he'd be willing to put it on YouTube or something.

On a personal note, I got your message about wanting a Catrina doll and the next time we go to Mexico I'll hook up with you to buy one.

Debra Spincic said...

Boy, it didn't take long for someone to come up with a postcard template, did it?

Teri said...

When I write my thank you, I am going to mention to Mr. Becker that he should make the DVD available. When I did a search on the title, I see that his wife was a guest on Simply quilts talking about this project. The program was perfect for me, because I am always more interested in the history of the QUILTER, than the history of a quilt..

Jules said...

I would be interested in the DVD, too. The postcard ruler is a nice idea.