Friday, March 23, 2007


I'm in the early mode of getting quilts ready for shows. I just decided to pack them up and send them. You never know what might come up at the last minute that would make them late.
I have 2 quilts that belong to my German friend Birgit. The one in the picture above is Trinity. I am just making sure her quilts are clear of dust or whatever they may have picked up at the shows they were recently in. No chance of dog hair from my house.. I keep them in the bags when they are here.

Here is Grace all boxed up and on it's way to Paducah. Look at that glow! I can't believe I did it.
This is Birgit's quilt Kaliedoscope Twist which is also on it's way to Paducah. I love this quilt and it is my favorite color. Red. I wish I had thought of this design!!
Just got perfect boxes from ULINE I had already ordered the perfect box for my minis 14x14x2. The center box is perfect if I ever decide to go a little larger 20x20x2, and the bottom box is 22x22x6. I could have gone even a little smaller with this because there was room to spare. I was spending up to $6.00 for a box close to the size I needed. I had to put out a little more money to buy several boxes at once, but they average out to about $2.50 each this way, and I have just the size that I need.
So this is one check off of my things to do list. Let's see what the rest of the weekend holds.


Rian said...

Gasp! Those are beautiful quilts! Oh, and all off to shows, how exciting! Grace is extraordinary!!!

schueller.birgit said...

Teri, thank you so much for doing all this for me. I really cannot say how much I appreciate this. The boxes you picked are perfect.
Thanks bunches, Birgit

Flippytale Quilter said...

I will look for you quilt at Paducah! Great shipping boxes, I may use them too. Thanks for the link!

Shelina said...

I haven't ever entered a quilt to a show, but that is so smart to dust them off for any loose threads or lint. Those boxes all look like they are the perfect size for the quilts. I always thought they would have to be folded and rolled, and get wrinkles. Great job!