Saturday, March 17, 2007


I can't show you yet, but I am working on a quilt for a guild challenge. You will just have to wonder what I am up to. I will show you the quilt on April12th. It is our spin off of Quilting Arts "A Novel Idea" Challenge. I didn't want to be limited to a 12 x 12" format, so I am obviously not going to enter.
I was planning on including scans of my favorite books, but the expensive Printed Treasures images faded so badly (yes, I followed directions) I tossed the images out. I really wish that I had the money that I spent on a box of 50 (stupid -stupid- stupid)

I am working on a ton of things. Feast or famine. I am knitting the messenger bag. I am working on a quilt with 10 step one color gradations and mirrors. I started a brown and pink print (moda) mini sampler with my Twisted Stitcher group. We are making big 3" blocks. There are 12. Wild Goose Logs, Wild Goose Chase, Hemlock, Jacob's Ladder, double X (two types), Picnic Bouquet, Dove in the Window, Odds and Ends, Double T, and a block calle Irish Logs that is incredibly hard. I think we are switching it out to some type of basket block. I am alwo working on that quilt with old photos of quiltmakers, and quilting quotes. I am using the brown and pink prints for that one to.


Rian said...

It's cool; we'll be here.

...Waiting. Tapping our feet.


diva of quilts said...

You sound like me--a ton of stuff going all at once right now. Can't wait to see them!