Thursday, May 24, 2007


Sorry, I didn't realize that it has been a whole week since I last posted. The good news is.. I have actually been SEWING. That rare and foreign occurrence around here these days. I am working on my share of the guild raffle quilt blocks.

I'm finally going to be able to use those stupid block markers I bought. Although this block looks easy. I had a lot of problems with it. The directions are nonexistant as far as color placement goes. To have the quilt look right and to be able to bring out the star points, each pieced block in each 4 block section has to be of like colors. Also, when piecing the large block. The plain dark block has to be on the left in all of the blocks. I had to take 4 blocks apart after my friend and raffle quilt co-hort Linda, called me to tell me that she discovered that they all had to be layed out the same concerning value placement. When you look at the picture on the pattern, it looks like a completely scrappy type of quilt, but it definately isn't. The top will all be together tomorrow, and Linda will put on the borders. She has a great place to work with many big tables to lay the quilt out.
When I was in Paducah, there was a vendor that had several of these fabric kits. I didn't really want a kit, so I didn't get it. A few hours later, after thinking about the colors, I changed my mind and went back to find all of them gone. The lady at the booth told me that they had plenty of the fabric at their shop and I could order it from them. Well, it turned out that they didn't have bolts, they had cut them up to make kits. So I have a kit anyway. I don't know what I will do with the 2 1/2" strips of light.. but I really like the brownish blue color of the other fabrics.

I bought two new books with my JoAnn's coupons. I don't mind paying 40% less. I really liked the Barbara Brackman book. Being a lifelong student of American History, it has been an irritating past few years because of the fallacy of the "Code Quilt" being touted as true quilt history even though there is no historical evidence to back up the story. I respect Barbara Brackman as a quilt historian. The real stories in her new book are interesting, and you can't beat a quilt book with footnotes!! The other book I got was Vicki Pignatelli's new book. I haven't read through it yet, from what I can see so far her methods aren't much different than Caryl Fallert's Piecelique,or Sharon Schramber's applique methods. But, I learn something new from every new book or workshop. I just pick out what is helpful to me anyway.

I have a FOUR DAY weekend. I don't have to do much either which is great. I will put together the guild quilt tomorrow, and I will go to an art quilt opening of my friend. Sometime in the middle of the day, Bill and I will go see Pirates of the Carribean before all of the little kiddies get out of school.

Did you notice my new blog header? It took forever for me to figure out how to get it to fit inside the box. I would rather there was no box at all, but that's pushing it. I did the lettering in Paintshop. The double layering of the letters was a complete accident. It happened only because I had know Idea what I was doing, and I couldn't do it again.

I hope that you all have a great holiday weekend!!


Brenda said...

Hi Teri - to remove the borders around your header image, edit the html code for your template by deleting this code border:1px solid #940f04; where it appears under these the headings #header-wrapper and #header

Rian said...

See? There ya go. Right off the bat some smart person comes along and gives you the answer. Sweet.

I have been wanting to redecorate my blog too but I just know I'll mess it up for good.

I like that Hunter's Star block, I think it's danged pretty.

Elaine Adair said...

I was going to comment on those lovely Hunter's Stars, and wish you a great long weekend, BUT mostly your header/banner, whatever it's called is fantastic, and there at the end of your post is good information, as well as a comment or two about how toactually DO it! At this very moment, in my desk, I have several printed hints, on how this should be done. Hope I can use this good info to upgrade mine - everyone is getting so darned clever and even MORE creative with their blogs, now I'm going to have to s-t-r-e-t-c-h my pea brain one more time!

Teresa said...

I love the new blog header and the star blocks. Have fun on your 4 day weekend!

Debra Spincic said...

Love the header and your profile picture! I am really tired of "faux" pictures of bloggers.

I noticed at the Denver show that everything was kitted too. I shy away from kits and kitted fabric so I understand.

Shelina said...

Yes I did notice your banner, and it looks great. I've been thinking about changing my banner too, but haven't thought of what I want to represent me just yet.
That block does look complicated to piece, and having to put each piece in the exact right space for the whole quilt to work together.
That kit looks great. I've been buying kits lately, because I like the combination of fabrics. Now to figure out the right quilt that will use the fabrics. Well, that and to find the time to make them.