Saturday, June 30, 2007


I'm going grocery shopping in a few minutes. I just wanted to show you that I found 11 more orphan blocks. Notice a theme here? I must get bored quickly because I guess that I have trouble finishing things. I started testing an entire applique quilt for Quilter's Cache. I had about an 8 month deadline, which should have been the first clue not to take on this task.. I got 10 of the 25 blocks done, panicked because I was running out of time, and did the whole set (plus 11 over again)In machine applique instead of needleturned hand applique. I don't think these blocks are that great. I would do them different if I were to do them again,and now I am stuck with 11 mediocre blocks, and I really need another block done to make it a set. AND I finished my socks. Now I am ready for the movie and Book Seven. I hope it isn't too hot those days wearing wool socks might bee too much.. I know...I'm a dork

As you can see, there is a cool counter in the sidebar. The movie counter sometimes doesn't look like it is working. I am always amazed the difference of what I can see on my computer, and what other people see looking at the same thing. For instance, something might not show up on my blog when I'm looking at it on my computer(counter) and it does on someone elses. Or the opposite. I looked at my blog from my daughters computer, and both of the counters were replaced with some sort of plugin error. So, anyway, I hope you see what I hoped for!!


Dorothy said...

Well, I scrolled down, just 'cause you said no one would. I'm like that. ;o) 11 blocks - can you set them on point? Do 4, 3, 4 with some seting blocks and you're done. And done is a GOOD thing. Or, heh, you could do what I do with the orphans - pack 'em up and send 'em to Linda Hynick.

Dorothy said...

Meant to add - gone is really not that different from done, is it?

Rian said...

You could give them to your relatives and non-quilting friends who wouldn't see them as mediocre.

Frame them individually or make potholders or hot pads out of them. Or table runners.

Shelina said...

These are great blocks, and not mediocre at all. Stop selling yourself short.

I can see the HP counter at the top.