Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Thanks to all of you that commented on my orphan quilt.
I used this quilt all of the time, but I have recently started trading off in order to preserve this quilt a little more.
Now, on to orphans. My idea of an orphan block is an only block that was made with no quilt in mind. At one time I tested blocks for the online free quilt block site QUILTER'S CACHE . This left me with quite a few single blocks. Of course, I never thought of making blocks using complementary fabrics, so they don't really go together. Anyway, I have managed to put all of my blocks in one place, and I thought I would give you an idea of what I have.

This is an overview of the stack of blocksThese are a few of my Moonglow castoffs. Not worthy for the final quilt for one reason or another. Yes, the top is all pieced.. no border thoughThese are some of the blocks from one of the AZ retreats. They all were some sort of nine patch using this southwestern print. They at least have like fabric to tie them together
These are some of the blocks from a birthday block swap I did with my New York Beauty Yahoo group. I made duplicate blocks for myself of blocks I made for the others. I think that this is one of them. None of these blocks match.
some 8" blocks, and I think either more birthday block blocks or another AZ retreat collection
There are a couple of Carol Doaks 50 fabulous paper pieced stars
These are some twisted star blocks from a swap
THESE are the other AZ swap blocks (12" nine patch) there are some cast off small blocks from other projects
So any way, as you can see, I have a lot of blocks to make great colorful utility quilts. I don't always have to only work on competition quilts. I am in kind of a slump right now anyway. I am making 3 pairs of socks.. actually I'm coming to the end of the second sock of 2 pairs. I probably should never have started knitting again. It just divides up my time again. But, it is so relaxing, and I am enjoying it. I had to wait for my daughter to get a root canal this afternoon. I would have gone nuts sitting doing nothing, but I had my Ipod and a sock.. kept me busy for that hour plus that I waited.
I have also started a new blog for my knitting. Another time sucking activity. But I didn't want my non-knitting readers to be bored seeing my knitting projects. If you DO want to see knitting content, you will find a link to my blog "I'm Knitting Instead" in the sidebar.
Have a good day!!


Suzanne Earley said...

Wow, that's quite a collection of orphan blocks. My bin of scraps and abandoned blocks isn't nearly so interesting! It's mostly just a mess....LOL!

Elaine Adair said...

Good grief - you have a LOT of blocks! Hope you'll be doing an Orphan Block Quilt. with all of these! wish you would lay them all out so we can gaa gah over them -- what fun we gals have!

Rian said...

That salada orphans!

My Moonglow blocks never made it into a quilt, either! LOL! But I use the fabrics here and there, they've come in handy over the years.

Shelina said...

Congratulations on finishing the UFO. Looks like a great way to put together signature blocks, and keep you comfy when you need an extra cuddle. Wow! You have a lot of orphan blocks. I have either completed tops or parts and pieces of blocks. Blocks would be better than the parts and pieces.

Patti said...

Your one orphan quilt looks terrific. As far as the big stack of single blocks go - who said they all had to go together? Sharon Craig says everything goes together - I love her Setting Solutions and Great Sets books. They will make a believer out of you. I didn't pay any attention at all to "go together" when I made my two orphan tops - and I love how they turned out!