Friday, July 27, 2007


Hazy, Hot, and Humid. I can't stand it. The day started out breezy and cool, but now you could cut through the air with a knife. I closed up the house and turned on the air.

We finally got our guild raffle quilt finished. I am having tickets printed, and I got wallet photos of the quilt that each member will be given to be used as a sales aid. Who could turn down a chance to win this hand dyed beauty? Okay.. I know a lot of people could, but I have to think positive.

Believe it or not.. this quilt was a pain in the posterior. It isn't that it is a difficult pattern, but we found out on our own that it was very important to keep like colors together in each 1/4 block, or the star would not show, and something that made us have to rip several blocks to re-do was the fact that in each large block, the dark fabric rectangle had to be to the left. You couldn't mess up and have one on the left and one on the right, because then you would have 2 darks together and it would throw everything else off. I never would have guessed when I started it with the help of a few guild members. It was a surprise project for the guild because everyone is always so busy, we decided to ask a few people if they could help us put blocks together. My friend Linda and I cut all of the fabric, and didn't pay attention how we stacked it back together, only to realize when we started, that like colors had to go together. There was something like 25 gradations of fabric. So we spent a large part of our day sorting all of the colors back into the correct piles (It looks like a scrappy quilt, but it isn't) Anyway, for some reason, we thought we could get the top together in a day. That didn't happen. But we had a guild member that quilted it for us, and another that hand sewed down the binding. I still need to make a label for it. I think a good name for the quilt would be "Piecemaker's Puzzle" because it definately was.

Tomorrow I am going to a local NASA grounds with my husband. His professional accountant society is having a picnic get together. I'm hoping for rain...... LOTS of rain. I'm just saying.


Elaine Adair said...

It may have been a pain in the patoot, but the end result is just gorgeous! You did a fantastic job, and luckily you caught the problem before it was DONE!

Thanks for the post and the 'head's up' in case one of us makes this quilt with similar fabrics.

Rian said...

I just love that Hunter's Star pattern. You (all) did a wonderful job with the coloring of it, I've only seen it in two-color quilts before.

JudyL said...

Sorry it was so much trouble for you but it turned out beautiful!! Good luck with it.

floribunda said...

wow -- it's gorgeous! when do you start selling tickets?

Granny Fran said...

Stunning! I don't think I want to try to make one, however.

Sonnja said...


What a beautifull Quilt!
Kind Regards,

Sonnja from the Netherlands

Kay said...

It is beautiful, and looks difficult, even without the problems. Anything that has a right-and-left-handedness to it gives me trouble. So I sympathize.