Friday, September 14, 2007


I would like to show you my guild friend's wonderful sewing space. It is a building behind her house.

athose are outlets every maybe 6-8".halfway up the wall on both sides. The former owner's collected bar signs. The place was a neon nightmare from what the description sounds like. I think she said he had 2000 signs in this building. Anyway there is an upstairs to this building to! This doesn't count the sewing room and the long arm room. It's awesome. I wouldn't want to pay to heat this in the winter, but it would be a great place to work in the warmer weather. Of course, having a big space like this would probably mean you would have all of the holiday gatherings. I don't know if I would like that part...

I have updated my knitting blog with my new socks and stuff, and I have updated the guild blog

with photos of our challenge pieces. Have a great weekend!!


Shelina said...

That does look like a fun sewing space. Certainly more roomy than the space I share with my living room!

Patti said...

What an amazing sewing space. If it were mine I know what I'd do - I'd start offering beginning quilting classes in my home!