Saturday, October 20, 2007

I haven't had a lot going on, and I didn't want to bore everyone with ADL (activities of daily living- I think that is some old medical jargon I picked up). Anyway, hubby and I are going to Amishland. They always have different fresh popcorns and I used up the last of mine the other night. I think I will stop at Miller's Dry Goods and pick up some more of that Moda "Monkey'n Round fabric. I think I will make a tote. I have to drop my friend's sewing machine off to get a tune up.
By the way, my friend Lindy came over the other day and oiled my grandma's machine up, put a new belt on it, and it does work! I actually did have a shuttle and one bobbin, but I just didn't know what it looked like. She showed me how to fill the bobbin. The feed dogs are moving, but it still sews in one place. I have to mess around with it some more and figure out what is going on. Would have come in handy when we lost power yesterday for 3 hours. Talk to you all later!

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