Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yarn moment!!! I got this beautiful sportweight hand dyed silk yarn to make a shawl called TUSCANY . I would probably look completely ridiculous with a shawl wrapped around me, but, one of my beautiful thin daughters would look lovely. This is the first time I have worked with 100% silk. I hope that the knitting doesn't go as badly as just trying to wind it into balls! It is slippery, and slid off of thebottom of the winder. Then one skein fell enough to get tangled on the swift and I had to hand wind it. I think that I only had one ball actually wind minimally normal. Sigh.
This used to be one of my favorite places to go in Amishland. But he has grown his business into a tourist destination. Still the same baked goods and bulk food, but just not the same quaintness. Everything down there is getting so commercial. We used to know where to go to beat the tourists, but those places are few and far between now. At least, Miller's, my favorite quilt shop is the same! One of my favorites.
My friend Kaye and I went to a long arm guild's show. It wasn't really a quilt show, it was more a shopping opportunity. Different vendors, and many of the major long arm dealers. The guild had a challenge. they each had to make a red and white Ohio Star and quilt it. Everyone was given a chance to vote on their favorite.

Nothing much going on here, I think autumn is finally here. It was cool and rainy all day. I hope that it is sunny and warm where you are!


Serena said...

What a neat way to show off the quilt blocks going up the stairs!!

Suzanne Earley said...

Oooooo....that yarn looks really yummy!!!

diva of quilts said...

Even on the computer screen I can tell that is some amazing yarn!

Shelina said...

I still haven't been to Miller's Dry Goods, but it is on my list to go someday when I have some $. Those Ohio Star quilts look wonderful, the stairs are a lovely setting, although it does look like it got a bit crowded come judging time!