Sunday, November 25, 2007

I finally got my HQSixteen down in the cabinet in the basement. I still need to get the acrylic insert. The glass store was closed the last three days for the holiday. I love it. I designed the basics of what I wanted. It is the perfect height. I am looking down on the needle, and my arms will be at a comfortable level. Bill also has to attach the swing up table on the side and back. This room isn't clean, because it is mostly a storage area. Please excuse the floor. I am slowly cleaning it out and tossing the junk that has accumulate in it over the years. I will be happy when I can finally use it.

Bill has also been busy in the workshop for me cutting OSB for pressing boards ala Sharon Schramber. I took a class from her in Paducah last year and I bought one of her boards. She told us how they were made, and has instructions in her latest book. So I am making a bunch of them. Some for me, some for friends. Maybe I will even sell what's left over. The way they are made, the provide a hard, non-warping pressing surface that is not deeply padded. Pressing into deeper padding distorts blocks and applique. I really like the board I bought from her, and now I will have a size that will exactly fit my travel tote.

We were going to go see The Mist today. Luckily, they changed the movie times which gave me the chance to read reviews. I knew it was a Stephen King movie, but I guess I was naive to think that it wasn't going to be blood and gore. When most of the reviews said it is, I decided to stay home and work on laundry and other projects instead. Hope you had a good weekend. For me tomorrow means back to work. Later gators..


Debra Spincic said...

I just bought the Grace Pinnacle at IQF and Wes assembled the frame yesterday. We can learn our new machines together!

PaMdora said...

Oh boy, I've looked at this machine for a couple of years but never really could decide if I would use it or where I would put it if I bought one. I'll love to hear if you like it. It looks like you had some kind of custom desk built for it, because whenever I've seen this machine, it's in a different table.

Also on the mixer, I have a tangerine one, but I gave my step mom a bright red like you bought for Christmas last year. It was an expensive present, but I always think, will this person remember me when they use it? How could they not when it's bright red? You'll love yours, actually makes it fun to bake.

Rian said...

Oooooeeeee, how exciting! It's about time, Teri!!

Mechelle said...

I can't wait to see how you like your HQ16 (especially since you don't have it on a frame!) And I just love the cabinet your Hubby made - looks just perfect!