Saturday, November 24, 2007

I have been out taking advantage of great sales. What can I say? I admit it, I spent money on myself. First, the day before Thanksgiving, I got a great deal on a Kitchen Aid mixer
It was on sale, and I had a 15% coupon that could be used on the sale price. That took $50.00 off of the total price. When I checked out, I got $50.00 worth of Kohl's bucks that I can go back to use next week. I plan to buy more acessories for my mixer. I have always wanted one, but couldn't see spending money on stuff for cooking. My bread machine doesn't work right, and I have started making bread the normal way. This mixer will knead the dough. I have already used it once and it was awesome. I also made mashed potatoes with it. I only had to dump the cooked potatoes into the bowl ane the paddle blade did all of the rest. I'm glad that I have it now.

I had a Starbucks gift card, and I used it to buy this cute little 3 cup coffee press. I have never had pressed coffee, but it is supposed to be good. I will let you know.
I bought this fabric when I was at Mary Jo's in Charlotte. There are some Batiks, some Kauffmans, a brown and white and black and white paisley. I like to buy black and white fabrics to over dye. Just some extras for my stash.
When I was at JoAnns last night, I overheard someone ask for this. It is a portable bobbin winder. I thought that she said the price was $7.44 so I took 2 to the register. It turns out that the price was $17.44. I purchased both thinking that I would use one at home and keep one for travel. When I got home and tried it out I was unimpressed enough to take one back. I will keep the other only for travel. They turned out to be a good price. The regular price is $30.00. I have seen them lately in quilting magazines. It runs on batteries, and has a power cord. I guess they are all the rage. In my opinion, while they are cute, they aren't worth $30.00 and I am glad that I didn't order one and spend that much money for it.

So, instead of taking the money from the returned bobbin winder and leaving, I bought this cool knitting book that shows you how to knit shapes like triangles, rectangles etc.. and put them together to look like QUILT BLOCKS! Ahh.. the best of both worlds. I am putting together my bag with just travel notions for when I get together with friends to sew. There is the green needle threader to match my bag, ditto the magnetic pincushion with a little groove to make it easier to pick up the pins. The bottom comes off to use as a cover. I also bought two little Art Bin totes. I love these little totes. Everything was 50% off!!

No, I do not have a notions buying problem...

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Katjaquilt said...

Kneading bread dough with the kitchen aid is superb. Before I had it I kneaded by hand and the machine is a big improvement.
I also have a coffee press and I like the coffee it makes. You should not use boiling water. Let it cool down a bit otherwise the coffee will taste a bit bitter.