Saturday, November 03, 2007

I'm working on a shawl with my silk yarn. It is so soft, and drapes beautifully. If you want to know more about my knitting, visit my knitting blog. The link is on the right.

In the quilting front, as soon as DH gets the new front door in, and my son gets home, we will bring down my new sewing table. I am itching to quilt. I think that I would like to make some of those 12x12 quilts mentioned by some art quilters on one of the other blogs. They have a theme, and I think the next one is "Chocolate". It looks like fun, and won't take a lot of time to do.

It's a might on the chilly side here. I have a pot of chili on the stove, and some Italian Bread dough in the bread machine. I really had a lot to do around here today, and I didn't want to go out, so I put 2 cans of baked beans in the chili. I also didn't have any celery or peppers.. Oh well, I'm sure it will be okay.

I am really jonesing for quilting. I have been on a vacation from real quiltmaking for a few months, but now I really would like to get back to it. The clutter in my sewing room puts a kabash on my creativity. I have to make a lot of it disappear.

I can't do that playing on the computer, so I will talk to all of you again soon!

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Sheri said...

Hi Terri
That shawl is going to be very pretty. Love the color. I've been wanting one for a while I think I'll make one.