Monday, October 29, 2007

Aren't these guys just the cutest? I have no idea who they are. They look like they may have been crammed in one of those photo machines. You know the kind that used to print strips of 3 or 4 photos? I came across this picture in a box of old pictures that my uncle has. I just thought the trio was very appealing. Looks like it might be from the 40's.

So, how's the weather where you are? I had to scrape ice off of my car windows this morning. It turned out to be a sunny day in the 50's. I haven't really given into having to wear a coat to work, until this morning, then I was overdressed by the time I left this afternoon. I just thought that I would check in and let you know that nothing outstanding is going on here. I am clearing a spot for my sewing table and I hope to get to use it by the weekend. Pictures soon!

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The Carolina Quilter said...

These guys are great! What cuties. I love vintage photos.