Sunday, January 20, 2008


I finally got my book quilt on the wall. I found the perfect thing.
I used these to hang our Christmas stockings because of the lack of a mantle. These hold 6 pounds weight, and remove easily. I left a couple on the wall and hung pictures on them. They worked great. The best thing is I didn't have to make a sleeve for my wallhanging. I sewed on a couple of brass rings, and the fit right over a couple of these hooks on the wall. Very easy to do, and if I would have thought of it before, I would have more of my quilts hanging.

The two shelves on the left hold my books. As you can see, my library holds more quilting related books than my public library.. better to, may I add. The forth shelf down in the right hand bookshelf holds my knitting books. As you can see, I have a long way to go to catch up. I have only saved my very favorite novels, books that I would be likely to read again.
I have been cleaning like crazy today. I brought my antique oak clawfoot table back up and Bill and I had a candlelit dinner in front of our books. the bad thing about rearranging furniture is I caught my foot on the leg of the dog bed and fell flat on my face right in the middle of my living room. We have oak floors, and I am just starting to feel the aches from the encounter with the floor. Luckily, I missed going head first into the entertainment center. This was my son's favorite bear in an Aran sweater that I knitted for it. My son is almost 25, and left on his own, maybe would not have taken care of "Goofy Bear", so I confiscated him from dire circumstances at one point and he has been living in a cupboard. I came across him in the big clean. It is still in good enough shape for a future grandchild. This is a simple garter stitch scarf I just finished out of Noro yarn. Considering how cold it is here right now, it will come in handy.
That's about all of the news. I have decided and tried a 3/4" starting size strip for my lone star. It will be the perfect size. I will show you when I get something put together..


Shelina said...

Your library looks terrific - very inviting and warm, and the quilt is quite fitting in it.

Jeri said...

I *adore* your library! The bookcases are fantastic. Your Noro scarf is pretty too - I love Noro yarn even if it is sometimes knotty. Those colors are awesome. I am amazed with your little lone star too!

Teresa said...

You, my dear girl, are amazing. If I , in regular size quilts, had half of the talent you have in minatures, I would have a huge smile on my face.

julieQ said...

no. the answer is no...