Monday, January 28, 2008


What do you think makes a project a UFO? If I count a few blocks towards a project as a UFO, I'm doomed. For lack of anything better to share, I thought I would get together a few pictures of projects, mostly finished, that stalled for one reason or another.

I started this quilt for my daughter who loved roller coasters. It is a black and white roller coaster print set in a link block. Actually, this top now has the border which is a continuation of the print. So, all it needs is quilted. Hmm... wonder who might have a mid arm they haven't even plugged in?...
This is the center part of Jinny Beyer's kit Moonglow. The 12 compass blocks were easier to piece than the top as a whole was to put together. The directions were pretty lacking, or my brain power was pretty lacking. I had the worst time getting the cornerstones to come together. It needs the border. I don't really want to go with the one that is supposed to be on it. But I am pretty disappointed that it isn't "perfect". Plus the fact that since I started making quilts of my own designs, it just isn't as exciting to put one together that looks like everyone else's Moonglow.
This is my first Lone Star. It is a wall size, and was a practice piece I made for a pattern test. It looks striking, but, it isn't perfect. The applique is fused, and needs satin stitched, but I am just not enthusiastic enough to bother. It's so pretty, I haven't got rid of it..
The center part of this is a fabric panel. I pieced the borders. Can't tell ya why I haven't bothered quilting this.. it is just a wall size.
This is a Tahitian Applique. About a crib size. About 45 Inches square. Some of it is hand appliqued, but it isn't finished. I would only hand applique it, I wouldn't finish it by machine. So who knows when it will ever be finished?

I have LOTS of bits and pieces of different quilts in various stages. I have several shelves of started projects. "Kits" with all of the fabric, the pattern, or idea tucked inside, along with a few finished blocks. I think that I will just stick with finished tops being labeled as UFO's.. I will feel much better about it that way..


Elaine Adair said...

Regarding the first quilt, Roller Coaster - my very first thought was that it needed some black appliques, or embroideries in the centers. Something BOLD perhaps?

Scrapmaker said...

These are all worth keeping. Finish off the Moonglow with a border of your own design, have someone else quilt the ones you are tired of, don't worry about satin stitching around the fused applique, just quilt over it. If it's on the wall, you probably won't be washing it and it will last. Jen

Dorothy said...

#1 So plug in that mid-arm and quilt it. Pick a day, schedule that quilt as your project, and be done. Honestly, sometimes all I need to make myself do something is to see it written on the calendar.

#2 Moonglow. It might not be your design, and it might not be perfect, but it's still a beautiful quilt. If the "not perfect" part bothers you, donate it to a health facility or something, get a tax receipt and move it out of your life. It's not doing anyone any good folded up in your studio.

#3 It's hideous. Please let me take it off your hands. please. seriously.

#4 Can you pledge to have that one hangable for the Fourth of July? You've got 5 months.

#5 Can you give it an hour a week? I'll bet the bug bites you again, and you get it finished before you know it. Then go to Tahiti to celebrate.

You're welcome. :o)

julieQ said...

Wow!!! have wonderful quilts! I finally listed all my projects in progress, and it just overwhelmed me. So I took my top 6, listed them and am knocking them out one by one. The rule is, I can only work on my short list. You are very talented.


Shelina said...

You do such great work Teri, these are all beautiful quilts. You are way too hard on yourself.

Kim said...

We all have those UFO that nag at us, don't we? Nothing I make is ever perfect...
Each one is beautiful and a part of your growth as a quilter.