Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I knitted this within the past few days. It is a helmet liner made out of washable worsted weight wool. My daughter's boyfriend is being deployed to Afghanistan next week, and I wanted to make him something to keep him warm.
These are blocks that I made for a quilt. An example of blocks but no top. These had over a hundred pieces each, and are around 18" big. Pam Bono was the designer. I made them on two different machines, and they are two different sizes. With all of the seams, you don't have to be off much to alter the size. I made these probably 4 years ago. I don't know if I will continue.
I have so many orphan blocks that these will probably end up in an orphan block quilt. I used to test blocks for www.quilterscache.com so I accumulated a lot of blocks that way. I didn't have enough sense at the time to make all of the blocks with the same colorways so I could use them together, so they are really a mishmosh of colors and styles.
That's about it for today. I hope that all of you in cold places are keeping warm. We have a high wind warning on for tonight. Hopefully I will have power in the house when I get up in the morning. High winds have a way of knocking down wires around here.

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Sheri said...

Wind and snow here in Toledo too. So far our electric is still on thank goodness.