Friday, February 08, 2008


Just kidding. I do have to make a quilt for competition first, but the pieces for this have been cut and put away for some time now. I needed black fabric and I picked up Cotton Sateen yesterday for it. These are a few of the geese, and I have a several more to add. Unfortunately, the idea I had when I first started this maybe isn't the way I would go now, but I have the pieces cut already. You would think I would learn.
Speaking of my competition quilt, it will be a miniature, and these are the colors that I am using. They are hand dyed fabrics made by Cherrywood. Which is the best part about making a miniature. I can make a quilt out of these fat quarters and have leftovers!
I have some housework to attend to first. Lucky me. Then I am going to dig in.

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Rian said...

I am excited about your next miniature! Tell me more!