Saturday, February 02, 2008

I got some sewing done yesterday. I planned my whole day expecting a big snow storm because we kept getting alerts on local TV. We didn't get even a flake. I am just going to judge by looking out of the window from now on.

Today, we went to the Home and Garden Show. The theme this year was Italy. In my opinion, it was not as nice as the Ireland show last year. But, the best thing is we got front row seats to the cooking show. "Dreamy Doughnuts"

It was demonstrations put on by a local Culinary Institute. Funny thing is, I never heard of this woman, and by chance I watched a Weight Watcher DVD, and she was the one giving tips on cooking healthy! Neither lady in the picture is her. The recipe makes 24 doughnuts that have to be eaten in a day.. The recipe from the show.. not the Weight Watcher DVD.. obviously.
It was fun. We didn't buy anything. We saw a demonstration of this very cool counter top chopper. We were all set to buy it until the guy mentioned the show price of 299.99. Yeah right. Of course, I got a lot of ideas, and saw a lot of 'someday' things. It got really busy early in the afternoon, so we left. Well, I'm going to get back to work here in the sewing room. Sometimes I think It isn't a good idea to have my computer in here. It is nice to stream radio and tv shows, but it just sits here and want's me to play. I have to just ignore it most of the time so I can get something else done. Hope you are all well!

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