Saturday, March 08, 2008


At least somewhere other than where I live.

Believe it or not, the drive was completely plowed a couple of hours before this picture. The snow is falling, the wind is blowing, and every one of my family members actually went out in this. My husband is an accountant and this is tax season. One thing my kids learned from us is good work ethic. They all work two jobs and go to college. My son was gone before I even got out of bed, and my daughter's have an extra job at Applebee's, whose manager told them they would be fired if they didn't show up and being late was not an option. So if you are at an Applebee's in this kind of weather, know that the person serving your food risked their lives to get there to bring it to you. Personally, I would have told the manager to 'stick it', but that's just me.

Here is the progress that I have made on my mitten. I am two rows past the thumb gusset. It is fun to do. It has been a long time since I did any Fair Isle knitting. It is a challenge, but isn't any harder than reading a counted cross stitch chart. Maybe even easier, since it is only two colors.

So I am going to enjoy my weekend in the house. I hope that you are warm where you are!

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Shelina said...

I wouldn't think that there would be too many customers braving the blizzard to go to Applebees. Most of the malls were closed here yesterday, and churches are closed today.