Friday, March 07, 2008


I finally plugged in my HQ Sixteen. I have several of these wholecloth pre-printed quilt panels. I figured that I would just start practicing using these things. It's definately going to take practice to get the control that I have with my Pfaff. I didn't bother to baste, and does anyone know if these panels can be ironed? I know that water takes out the blue, but will the heat from an iron set the blue?
I will have plenty of time to mess with this since it is snowing AGAIN.. they are talking 12 inches this time.. brrr...
When I was out chipping ice off of my car the other day, I wore my only pair of mittens, which are just polar fleece. My hands stayed really warm even though the mittens were wet. I have developed Raynaud's Syndrome over this winter, and at the slightest cold, even holding a cold glass, my fingers turn white, then start hurting, like they are frozen. I heard that mittens work better than gloves at keeping hands warm, and it worked. Since the mittens were wet, I put on dry gloves, and my fingers immediately started stinging.
I decided that it was time to make some warm mittens and I saw this great pattern called
FIDDLEHEAD MITTENS So I purchased the pattern and started working on them. I didn't have the yarn I needed as far as making them in multiple colors, and I didn't want to buy any right now, so I took a ball of my Cascade Tweed, and Cascade Heather, and started a pair
I bought this super soft alpaca/angora mix for the lining. Of course, by the time I finish them
It will probably be 80 degrees out. But I will be sitting pretty next fall! I hope that you all have a great weekend. TGIF!!!


Dorothy said...

Boy, you just can't do anything half way, can you? "I plugged it in..." sheesh. ;o)

Granny Fran said...

Your practice quilting on that panel looks fantastic! Sounds like Ohio spring weather is similar to southeastern Colorado. You never know what to expect next. Luckily our weather yesterday was rain rather than snow or ice where we are.