Sunday, April 27, 2008


Here is Zelda greeting one of the helpful Red Coat Volunteers at the AQS show. Unfortunately, I found myself weighed down with bags and things I might need, that Zelda enjoyed the show from the inside of the trunk. Then my camera battery died because I didn't think it needed charged, so no pictures on Friday. Luckily, by then I had taken pictures of quilts. I'm sorry that I can't post pictures of the quilts. It's against the AQS rules. I know that they check out this stuff. I had a photo of my OWN quilt hanging at one of the shows and they had webshots delete it.
If you ever see the woman in the purple shirt, move out of her way quickly. She is rushing to the Cherrywood booth at the Rotary Show in Paducah
She has ended at her destination. And is searching through the beautiful fabrics in the booth.

This is a shot of some people shopping at The Vendors on Kentucky Avenue. They are always in the same corner.. but I don't know for sure what the Vendor's booth name was.
Here are some of the quilts made from the fabrics that could be purchased at the booth. Very nice quilts. I like the little girl quilt. Don't need to make one, but I liked it.

These are some of the more self confident visitors to the AQS show. Even the younger members of this group had blue streaks in their hair. Their t-shirts read "Invasion of the Blue Hairs" or something similar. The lady in the middle with the bright blue 'fro'.. caught my eye.

The weather was perfect. Nice breeze, not too hot. But the sky looked ominous on Friday. Luckily, we didn't have any bad storms until night fell. This is the view from the shuttle stop towards the Convention Center

Many of the businesses in Paducah decorate their windows for the show. This is one of the creepier window dressings.

I met a nice English woman named Anne. She was a white glover on Wednesday. I went to speak to Diane Gaudynski, who made the quilt that won Best Machine Quilting (Very well deserved) and Anne was also talking to her. Anne and a group had flown over for the show. They landed in Cincinnatti and took a bus tour to Paducah. She related a funny story. At least it was funny to me. But then she told how they rushed to the museum to see the body exhibit. I can't think what it is called. But is where they take bodys apart, plasticise them, and put them on display. She said that these were Chinese bodies. Which made me cringe to think how they ended up in a post death tour. Anyway, one thing led to another, and I just thought the whole trip was funny. And as I'm typing, I guess that you would have had to be there. Maybe it was the way she related it in her sweet English Accent.

Another observation I made while at the show. American women are incredibly fat. I count myself in this group. There is a booth where a boy scout troop sells strawberry shortcake with ice cream. I was on my way to get some, and walked by lines and lines of women sitting on a curb shoveling shortcake into their mouths. It hit me then, that a majority of the women there were fat. I turned around and never got any shortcake. The only junk food I got was one lemonade, and a cheeseburger. I noticed way more heavy women on electric chairs, many more with rolling walkers, and canes. They weren't that much older than I am . I know that there are reasons to use these appliances. I have had two knee replacements in my early 40's. But I wonder how many need them because they have let themselves get so fat that they have difficulty walking. I speak from experience. Medications and surgeries and too many cookies have not been good to me. But, I know that there is a lot I can do, and will do to not be one of the fatties the next time I go to the show in Paducah. The women there were young and old. And they made me take a totally different look at how I should eat/ or should not eat. When you are there you see so many Asian women, and European women.. and they are thin. Makes me wonder what they think of us.


Rian said...

When I was new to quilting (and younger and thinner), Jim accompanied me to a show and remarked at how many really fat women were there. "You might want to consider another hobby." He said.

On a return trip from Europe several years ago we had a stop in Minneapolis. The Americans are HUGE in comparison to the Europeans. And getting fatter.

Dorothy said...

I was listening to NPR this afternoon and the show was about this guy who got out of jail after serving 15 years. The host asked him what his first reactions were, and he said "people are really fat. And toilets flush themselves." Sad and funny at the same time.