Tuesday, April 29, 2008


One of my guilds has a small quilt auction coming up in November. Since I have to make something to donate, I got the idea to make a signature quilt of people well known in the quilt world. I cut freezer paper squares at 2 1/2" and made little "Indian Hatchet" blocks. I carried them around with me and if I ran into someone, I asked them to sign a block. Luckily, at a book signing, I ran into Emilie Richards, author of the "Shenandoah Series" of books with quilt names as titles, Touching Stars, Endless Chain, Wedding Ring. Also signing her book was Sieglinde Schoen Smith, and with her was her quilt Mother Earth and her Children the 2006 Winner at the IQA show in Houston. I didn't think that I would ever be lucky enough to get to see the quilt. And I for sure never thought it would be in a book booth in the basement of the convention center hanging by the back door! It is an astoundingly detailed quilt, and is a rival for my all time favorite quilt
Zena Thorpe's Magnum Opus the book of Kells. So, I got those two signatures, and Diane Gaudynski, Sharon Schamber, John Flynn, Rebecca Barker from Quiltscapes, Frieda Anderson, and Claudia Clark Myers and Marilyn Badger, a winning quiltmaking team team. I wanted Ricky Tims to sign one, but he didn't have a booth this year because he had his Workshop with Alex Anderson and Libby Lehman. Hopefully I will be able to collect some more, but if not, I will make the quilt and have it be a do it yourself signature quilt. More tomorrow...

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