Saturday, April 19, 2008


I haven't been working on much. I made a little bag for the fold up cane I keep in my car for emergencies. Luckily, I don't need to get it out often, but I thought a bag would be a nice thing to keep it in. I also made a little sock sack to carry my current sock project.

I have a lot of unfinished things to work on but it is nice to turn out a fast and easy project once in a while.
I'm getting some things ready to take to Paducah with me. It is a long drive down.. almost ten hours. I dread it every year, and it wouldn't take much for me to back out. But once I get there I'm happy that I went. I will be spending time with friends that I only see when we meet there, and just one of my friends from here is going with me this year. I don't plan on spending much money. It's going to cost a fortune for gasoline. Who knows, maybe this will be my last time, by next year gas may be $8.00 a gallon. And my paycheck isn't catching up with cost of living so far!
This quilt was made by a group of online friends, I call them my 'cyber-guild'. We have talked to each other daily for 7 years or more. We have made group quilts together before, but most of those quilts were made to give to each other or made to give to a sick child or parent. This quilt is called "All Under the Same Bright Stars" and was made for the Fons and Porter25th anniversary challenge. It was in the top group and was sent around the country to various venues. It is hanging at MQX now. We entered it and it won 3rd place in the group quilt category. Our German member, Birgit Schueller, designed and quilted it, and each of the other members pieced two stars. It was made by quilters from all over the US and Germany and Australia. Not bad for a quilt made by people who, with a few exceptions, have never met each other!


Patti said...

It's a magnificent quilt. Sure wish the picture would enlarge for a closer look.

Shelina said...

I remember this star quilt - I was enamored when I saw it at first, and still am. It certainly is gorgeous!