Thursday, April 17, 2008


Remember in the Wizard of Oz when the house fell on the Witch of the East? When the Ruby slippers disappeared and ended up on Dorothy's feet, the witches feet curled up and disappeared under the house. Let me just say, I know EXACTLY how she feels. I decided to re-join the fitness center run by my hospital. They have a beautiful huge pool, and a warm therapy pool. I went to a water aerobics class. I fit right in with the older plump women. The only thing different with me is I LIKE to get my hair wet. I was the only one in the pool that looked like a drowned rat. Anyway, I'm bouncing along in the water and I start getting leg cramps. I attribute it to the cool water (82 degrees) . Anyway, after the class, I was looking forward to getting in the warm whirlpool so I start climbing the steps to exit the pool. That's when the witch of the east feet happened. my legs cramped and my toes curled up. I had to get back in the water because I couldn't even lift my legs to go up the shallow steps! Exercise is good for you they say... Anyway, it finally stopped, and I rested in the swirling warm water of the hot tub. My muscles still hurt today.
I am meeting with my small group tomorrow and we are working on a quilt together. I look forward to it every month. I will post some photos tomorrow!


Dorothy said...

Oh, I've had that happen. You might need to up your potassium a little. Eat a banana, or better a kiwi an hour or so before your workout.

AmyB said...

If you're walking in the pool, or doing a lot of "stepping" type exercises, you also have to be careful to put your foot all the way down... it's really easy to just walk on the balls of your feet in the pool... when I was doing water aerobics, I was *always* the youngest one there, other than a couple of the instructors!