Friday, April 11, 2008


We went down to Amishland today, and we noticed sure signs of spring.

Land was being prepared to plant spring crops. And the air was laden with the scent of manure.
Maple syrup being collected for me to purchase this coming fall.

Sweet children at recess. On the other side of the schoolhouse was an informal baseball game. Here's the thing I notice between Amish children, and "normal" American children. These children know how to play. I don't know if you notice, but there are two little girls on the swing. One is sitting, and one is standing. They were swinging really high with the look of great joy on their faces. We have become so cautious, that we are constantly in fear our children will get hurt. Pads all over with roller skates, helmets if you want to ride a bicycle, no swings in our playgrounds.. at least none that I have seen lately. Our kids stare at computer screens, and can't entertain themselves. When you drive through this area on a Saturday during warm weather, you see whole families playing baseball. Parents aren't loading up their buggies driving kids to baseball practice every night. There aren't formal teams. No screaming competitive adults. They actually know how to play the game for fun. They way it used to be. The older I get, the more I long for the "good old days".

On another front, I am losing my touch. I went to my favorite fabric store, and this is all I bought.

But, on the "bright" side, my favorite yarn shop is closing, and I picked up a few things at a discount.
I bought these Koigu skeins to make these socks.
Sorry for the blurry pictures, this is Jitterbug sock yarn.
I got some sportweight cream yarn for a possible second set of Fiddlehead mittens. A couple of little skeins of pink angora for some booties, and some more Koigu in a yellow/lime and a dusky purple.

I've been looking for the pattern for "Pop up Paws" and I am happy that I found this last one. I got this pattern for a Lily of the Valley Shawl, and some blocking wires. And one Addi Turbo circular lace needle. I wish I had remembered to take my list with me, I would have bought some more, but I couldn't recall what I already had..

I really don't need any more yarn. I just couldn't pass up this last chance to visit the store. I am off to Paducah on the 23rd. Plenty of shopping opportunities there. I hope that this shopping lull lasts through the end of the month.. Have a good weekend!!


blackbearcabin said...

Thanks for sharing those photos from Amish looks beautiful!
As for only finding one thing at your fabric store...some days are better than others for shopping! Besides, it looks like you needed all your cash for the yarn store :)

Zegi said...

I hope there will be pictures from Paducah!!! :)

Lisa Walton said...

The photos of the Amish and your observations about playing have touched my heart. Thanks for sharing them.
Lisa in Sydneyxer