Sunday, May 04, 2008


Yesterday was pretty much a waste. I barely made it off of the couch. It was cold and rainy all day and I pretty much puttered around the house. It was nice not not have to do anything if I didn't want to. I didn't even turn on the computer. Today was better It was a little warmer and the sun was shining. We went to see IRONMAN Which turned out to be a decent movie. Considering how bad the movies have been for the past several months, it was nice to see one that was worth going to the theatre to view.I also managed to put this little lone star together. I started this in a Jan Krentz workshop. Right now it measures around 11 inches. That flower isn't stuck on, it is just lightly put there to see if I want to do some fusible applique on it. I'm not sure. I will have to play around with some other ideas before I commit. I think that I actually meant to do a black background, but since the red was lying on the table by my sewing machine, I just started cutting it. I have had the pieced diamonds laying on my table since the workshop in February. It was a kind of a spur of the moment decision to put it together. I have bigger and smaller lone stars to work on, and I wanted to make sure that I understood how to do the setting blocks. It wasn't as hard to figure out as I thought it would be. I shouldn't have put it off for so long.
Other than that, not much going on here. I am back to work in the morning. And if I have any sense at all, I will hit the sack early tonight because getting up so early for work really takes it out of me lately. I hope that all of you have a good week!!


The Carolina Quilter said...

Fox News was talking about Ironman this morning and saying it was getting favorable reviews by 'regular people' (who cares what the so called critics say?!). And you're right--far too few decent movies. I love your Lone Star. I made one using Jan Krentz' book a few years ago and need to bring it home from the quilt shop and hang it in my dining room.

Rian said...

Pretty Lone Star. The polka dot fabric really makes it sing!