Sunday, May 25, 2008


No more trying to get together everything that I might need to take to a workshop (few and far between) and to my monthly sewing with friends. I have put together everything that I think I can use in one small box

I still have to gather a few more small supplies, but here is the list that I have right now. Hopefully, it will also help give you some ideas for your to go kit.

  1. Rotary cutter and extra blades
  2. disposable pencils
  3. extra bobbins
  4. pink eraser
  5. Highlighter
  6. Screwdrivers, a regular and a philips (I found small one's that would fit in my case)
  7. blue washout marker
  8. white fabric marker
  9. Extra sewing machine needles
  10. Needle threader
  11. Hand sewing needles
  12. thimble
  13. Thread snips
  14. Herra marker
  15. wooden iron
  16. Hemostat
  17. That Purple Thang - small purple "thing" that has many uses.
  18. Fabric Scissors
  19. Applique Scissors
  20. Paper Scissors
  21. Tweezers
  22. Stiletto
  23. plastic measuring tape
  24. reducing glass
  25. Seam ripper
  26. Glue stick
  27. Glue baste (either Roxannes, or Elmer's school glue with tip adapters
  28. glass head pins
  29. Magnetic Pin holder (the new holder made by Clover is great. It has a cover)
  30. 1/2" pins for applique
  31. flower head pins
  32. fork pins
  33. graph paper
  34. small notebook
  35. small cube of post it notes
  36. Reducing Glass
  37. Magnified reading glasses
  38. Pigma Pen - black
  39. Tide To Go Stick
  40. several small rulers
  41. add-a-quarter ruler

I also have a duffle bag with a zippered bottom That comes with me

The zippered bottom holds a small ironing board, and my folded travel iron. I usually only travel with this one ruler, and the little fold up container is my table top trash can. I toss all of my threads etc into it and after I empty it at the end of a class, it folds flat.
This duffle has pockets around the inside and outside. I put my threads- grey, black and beige in the outside pockets.

The sewing machine case
Actually, I have a Pfaff that I only use for classes that I keep in my pull along machine case. In this case I keep
  1. Machine instruction book
  2. Heavy duty 30 foot extension cord (this has a 3 way end)
  3. power strip
  4. cast iron thread spool stand.

I'm sure that I will think of other things that would be nice to tote along. But the nicest thing is I don't get to my workshop and not have what I need. I don't have to pack because I am always packed.

I hope that my obcessive nature helps you in some way! Have a good weekend!

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Rian said...

Oh, that's nice. I thought I had a pretty good setup with everything thrown into my Sterilite box with handle, but this blows that out of the water.