Saturday, May 31, 2008


When the local yarn shop was closing and everything was reduced in price I bought a couple of little balls of pink angora because it was just so soft and pretty. Then , last week, I got this book
LAST MINUTE KNITTED GIFTS out of the library . And right there in it was a pattern for angora booties. Now I have no need for booties, but what else can I do with two little balls of angora? I cast on a bootie.. so far the directions are strange. Cast on 24, knit one slip one as if to purl until the piece measures 2 ". I do that and then after reading the directions several times, I understand that I am to take 2 dpns and put the stitches from the one needle and transfer them to two needles alternating stitches. When I finally figured out how to do that Viola' a little foot pocket was formed! It is inside out, with the knitted side on the inside. These were toe-up construction which I have shied away from until this point. I don't know if this is how regular toe up socks are started. But this old chick was pretty astonished. Then I worked my way up to the top, knitted a rib stitch cuff.. and there you go. They look like little pink clouds. Even after I found the little bootie with dog slobber and the remainder of the ball pulled out all over my couch. Not to worry.. I saved it, and the dog, whichever one it was (Lily) lived to tell about it.

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Dorothy said...

Hi Teri! Cute socks.
That's all (you know what I mean...) ;o)