Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well it is a vacation to me. I have had the last 5 days off and for 3 of the five I have been gone and on the run. Here are some photos of what I saw.

NORTH MARKET is my favorite part of the NQA show in Columbus Ohio

Our "Twisted Stitcher" group met at Kathleen's home this month. This is the group going on a nature tour of Kathleen's beautiful yard. She works very hard to make her yard look beautiful, and she has an extensive knowledge about what is in her yard. Hey, if she knows something other than a daisy or a rose, she has me beat. While they were on the tour, I was quietly sewing

in the shade under a fan, bug and nature free watching them from her porch..

This is for those of you who have never seen a horse drawn barn. Is it an Amish RV? :)

This is part of the line of Scions that were taking up the middle lane of the highway. There must have been 50 of them and we only noticed them when we made the mistake of pulling into the center lane amoung them. Geeze.. we felt like we were being taken over by a swarm of little boxes on wheels.

This is my wedding dress. After having it "professionally preserved" in a box, I took it out to find it loaded with yellow spots. I put it into a white cotton bag and put it in my closet. Now my daughter would like to wear it and I needed to get some ideas about how to get the spots out before we attempt the extensive alterations to get it to fit around her abunduant chest. Genetics were much more generous to her than to me.. Anyway, a friend suggested using equal parts of Dove dishwashing liquid and Clorox 2. I couldn't find Dove anywhere so I bought some Ivory dishwashing liquid. I tried a section yesterday, and it worked. So now the whole dress is in a tub. I'm going up after this and rinse it and I'm going to lay it in sun to dry. Just in case you ever want to try this remedy, it works.

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Shelina said...

Sounds like a great trip. I've never gone to the North Market as part of the NQA, mostly because I don't want to do more walking around, but it does sound like fun.

I'm glad the stains are coming out.