Thursday, June 19, 2008


I went to Amishland yesterday to Millers Dry Goods and to a store called "Zinks" which has a warehouse of different fiber things, most of them not that terribly wonderful, mostly Walmart or Joanne's quality fabrics and yards of fabric perfect if you were into Civil War reenactment or if you wanted to become or are Amish. But what they have is very inexpensive. Mostly less than 3-4 dollars a yard.
At Miller's I bought Ami Simms book for using pictures and novelty fabrics in children's quilts. I bought a little pre-cut kit to make a little I -spy quilt.
I bought these fabrics at Zinks to make nightgowns around $20.00 worth of fabric.
I found this yardage of flannel at Zinks. It looks stitched, like needlepoint. There are eight big panels of 2 faux applique, and the companion fabric. it cost a total of about $12.00. And will make a pretty decent flannel quilt to lay around with this winter.
This is the size that my Tuscany shawl ended up being. It drapes beautifully.
I got this fabric to make a Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt. I think I will need to find some more companion fabric. I think that a quilt like this plus a companion book will make a great gift for any future children in the family. Or maybe some I have now. I have so many ideas for quilts for my baby niece, she may end up with a lot of them.

I bought some fat quarters of batik to make this little bag
And I bought this fabric with nothing in mind other than I have a lot of Christmas prints and I like the peppermints and the fabric on top looked like knitted fabric and I bought a half yard of each maybe for a future bag.
So today is my second day off after a long stretch, and I actually slept in until 9:30 and after I run out and do one errand, I am spending the rest of the day in my sewing room doing what I should be doing.. okay... cleaning.. then sewing.


kathiemackey123 said...


Our local shops can't keep that Hungry Caterpiller focus fabric in stock. It just flies out the door. If you need coordinating pieces for it, email me and I'll look around here for it.


Rian said...

Lots of cool stuff there, Teri. And the shawl is very pretty.