Monday, July 14, 2008


There are so many who are only happy if they can be considered 'fiber artists'. The idea of being a simple quiltmaker doesn't make them feel worthwhile or something. They don't feel that their work is being taken seriously if they don't call themselves 'artists'. I consider myself a quiltmaker, as it is important to me to be a part of a long tradition of quiltmakers. That aside, since this has nothing to do with a quilt, I got this email from a friend from high school. When she had her first child, I made a Christening dress for her.

I would like for you to see a few photos that I sent along with this email of our new grandchild wearing the Baptisimal gown you had made for me 26 years ago. His name is Jacob Evan . Four children now have been baptised wearing this gown........Lisa, Matthew, Katelyn and now Jacob. Lisa carried the bonnet at her wedding. The gown is in mint condition with just a tad of light yellowing on the puff sleeves. It's now packed away awaiting the next grandchild or great grandchild. I want to thank you again for having made it for me. It's something that I will always treasure and it will be handed down from child to child.

I only now remember making the dress. That is all hand embroidery down the front. My own kids Christening dresses were not so elaborate. I don't think my friend understands how important it is to me that she has made this simple gift an important lasting part of this family celebration. It just goes to show that you never know who you will touch with your 'art'. It may be making a quilt, sewing a dress, knitting a shawl. I know that many of us make quilts for people that we never meet. You just never know how much what we do may touch someone and that kindness might just carry on through many people.

I just thought that you might enjoy seeing the happy ending of making something and giving it away.

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