Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Several months ago, I started getting form letters from some "government" office in Texas. It said it was the Department of Education. They said they wanted to send me money but they needed my bank account numbers. Of course, being the distrustful person I am in these matters, I turned the address in to the USPS for mail fraud. I kept getting the letters, and I ignored them. Then a few months ago, I got several phone calls, they left messages, but I didn't respond. Finally, when another letter came in the mail, I scrawled on it " If I overpaid on my student loan, you have all of my information listed, either send me a check, or keep it, but don't try to contact me again because I'm not giving you any more information". Well, the check came in the mail today. Boy, do I feel stupid. But, who would expect the government to take 32 years to figure this out? And above all, work that hard to GIVE the money back! So, I am going to spend it on my husband. It is his birthday tomorrow. He does nice things for me every day, now I am going to do something for him.

Also, my daughter got married last week and will soon follow her husband to Anchorage Alaska where he is stationed. For all of these years I have looked at her room, the room I sat and held all of my new babies, and thought about my future sewing room with windows. Now, all I want to see is my baby in it. I know what so many of my friends have gone through before me, and I don't like it at all.

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kathiemackey123 said...


In this day and age, you did the right thing with that dept of education envelope. Who in their right mind asks for bank account information like that, other than the crooks, of course.

The empty nest feeling will take a while to abate but it will ease. When my oldest daughter left for college, I wept for 6 weeks. I was so unprepared for the strength of my feelings. Especially since two weeks before she left, I would have paid someone large sums of money to take her off my hands. Hmmm, I guess that is what I did when we sent her to college, huh?