Sunday, July 06, 2008


I really don't like having to return merchandise. But as nice as the RCA MP3 was it didn't have the one feature that I needed. It didn't have a bookmarking feature. Which means if I listen to a couple of chapters of a book and then turn it off, it will not restart where I left off, it will go back to the beginning of the book. I am trying a Creative Zen player now. I carefully took it out of the package so I could see if it bookmarks on the music that is pre-installed. I have a tiny old creative MP3 and it worked fine. But I have lost the software that I need to install on my computer so that I can transfer books to it. The library site recommended a Zen I think. I almost got a 4G Sony Walkman player. My Sony CD player has a bookmarking feature, and my husband's Sony car mp3 also does. I had a young man at Best Buy do a computer search to see if it had this feature, and he couldn't find anything that mentioned it. At least he actually understood what the feature was. But no descriptions mentioned it. We were talking about these new digital book readers. I will admit I'm a techno junkie. I love new gadgets. And I will admit that I think that reader is very cool, and I have played with one. But I love good old paper books so much more, and the best part is I only have to stick a scrap paper in where I leave off when I'm reading it. Even if the paper falls out, it is easy to leaf through and find my place. But... I can't sit and read a book when I'm at work. But I can work and listen to a book! Keep your fingers crossed!

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