Monday, July 07, 2008


This was the view from my lawn chair yesterday. If I would have had my camera (this photo was taken years ago) you would have seen the same thing. Except for the doe and her fawn that were standing on the other side of the fence watching my really observant dogs roll on their backs. She was getting so close to the fence while she was watching all of this, I thought for a minute she had plans to jump over. When Claire ( the Golden Retriever) sat up, still oblivious to her audience, the doe kind of bleated and ran off into the woods with her fawn. It was only then that both of them took off down the fence. Claire gets confused, so she forgot what she was chasing, but Sam streaked down the fence and would have gone under and continued the chase had I not called him back. At times there have been several deer that have jumped the fence. My 12 pound Sam thinks that he will chase them out. Luckily, the deer are also stupid , and jump back over before he gets to them. I have heard of dogs getting kicked to death by deer. He always has his face plastered to the ground tracking something. He is a Shih Tsu that thinks he is a beagle. I say it's because there is such a short distance between his nose to his brain. I have thought that he would catch rabbits or squirrels when he takes off after them, but luckily they have been a little faster. I have to check the porch before I let him out at night because we have a problem with raccoons which are way bigger than he is. They show no fear, and I'm afraid they would kill him, or tear me up as I go to save him. As long as he doesn't find a skunk, I think he will be okay.

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