Saturday, October 04, 2008


The floor looks terrible, it is being sanded as I type this. The walls are painted, and if any blue shows through, I will hang something over it. I have put a couple of coats on it. I didn't see blue exept for the wall that had the eastern sun shining on them this morning. I painted over the spots. It seems a little too sunny yellow at times, but it is really gold, and towards the afternoon, it is a very warm inviting color. My husband made new oak trim for everything. Next spring, we will put new windows in. The room isn't really as big as it seems.
The table that my husband made is 50 x 60"

Sewing and Cutting table

My Ironing Station

ironing station
This is 25 x 50. I would have to say, this is my most useful tool. I can slap a cutting matt on top of it, or I can put one on the large open side of my sewing table. And lest we not forget

my HQ Sixteen and the table

This is a microwave cart that I picked up in a thrift store.The top will hold a 19 x 25 inch mat. I have ironing boards that would fit on top of this, and I could store my irons inside, and I can put pegboard on the sides and hang my cutters and rulers. The best part is it has wheels and a handle, so I can move it out of the way if I need to. Needless to say, I will leave my stash downstairs. My husband is making a 'man den' out of my old studio. He is in this small room in the corner of the house right now, I think I will put shelves in that room to store all of my stash and batts and other quilting related things.

The other problem with the room, is that there are only 3 outlets. Obviously, that will never be enough. The room I use now, has a massive amount of outlets,and my own breaker in the breaker box. Because I designed the room, and I knew that I would need them. Thankfully, we have a friend that is a licensed electrician who will put more outlets in here for me. Whoever gets the house when I cork off someday will probably wonder why there is a bank of outlets in the closet. Oh well. I'm sure they just won't have any imagination....

Back to work, watching my husband sand the floor.


kathiemackey123 said...

Man-caves for Dh's are a good thing. It keeps them from nosing around the sewing/quilt studio :) It keeps their stress levels down too.

I love your new room. Is it possible to have your electrician friend put some outlets at about waist high. I'm so tired of crawling under my furniture to find the outlets I need for my quilting tools. I always wondered if having a massive square of outlets in the middle of the floor was of any use?


Dorothy said...

I like that paint colour. On my monitor, anyway, it looks like butterscotch. yummy. :o)