Wednesday, October 01, 2008


My husband has removed all of the trim on the windows, doors, and baseboard. I've washed the walls down to be ready to paint. I thought that I would take a break to blog.

I thought I would finish my Navy Swallowtail shawl, the one that I would put beads in the place of the little bobbles. Then I got to the last 14 repeats of the last row of the center section only to see that for some reason, the right side was correct. It had the 14 repeats plus around 7 extra stitches not in the repeat. The left side had 13 repeats and 3 of the 10 extra stitches it should have had. I don't know where I messed up. So, it is now a yarn ball again. I will move on to something else in the meantime. My daughter will have to wear a red shawl with her blue dress to the Marine Ball.

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