Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Update from Alaska.. snow is on the tops of the mountains. It wasn't there 3 weeks ago when my daughter sent her first pictures. You would think it was here considering how low the temperature dropped within the past 2 days.

Turns out my Meg is a painting machine. I asked her if she would help me tape near the ceiling so I wouldn't get paint on the ceiling when painting my walls. I don't like standing on things, and I can do the first step of my stool okay, but not the top, and that's where I needed to be. Meg offered to help paint, and the whole room was painted within 2 hours. Mostly done by her. We have to put the second coat on tomorrow. And then some touch ups are needed, and it's done. It is a good thing that we decided to do the floor after the room was painted, because there is quite a few paint splatters on the floor that I am glad I don't have to scrub off.

This is how far I am done on my Mystery stole. Halfway into the second clue. The next two clues don't have any beads that I can see. I really wish that I would have done both ends at the same time, because now I have to knit all of this a second time. I can't wait to see how it will look after it is done and blocked..

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Jules said...

The stole is beautiful.